Agora 2013: young Europeans propose ways to fight youth unemployment 


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With nearly one in four young Europeans unemployed, the EU needs to look harder for solutions. The European parliament is not only consulting with politicians and experts, but wants to hear suggestion from those directly involved: young people. On 6-8 November, the Parliament hosts the Agora event, inviting young workers and job seekers from across the EU to debate how youth unemployment should be tackled. We asked twelve of them to share their proposals with us.

Opening the Agora, EP president Martin Schulz said: "We think this is a question of survival for our democratic system. The most important thing for every generation of parents is, what are the chances for my children, for our children." EP vice-president Isabelle Durant added: "This conference aims to understand what the obstacles are that young people encounter when looking for a job."

We asked 12 of the participants what the EU could do to fight youth unemployment. You can find out their answers in our photo gallery.