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Infographic about climate change        
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Sea levels and air temperatures continue to rise according to studies, which is expected to lead to more floods and worse heat waves. To help prevent this, the 19th UN Cllimate Conference takes place in Warsaw on 11-22 November to discuss how to curb carbon emissions after 2020. During the October plenary the EP stressed the conference was a key steps towards a new globally binding agreement by 2015. Check out our infographic on climate change for more information.

The EU, which accounts for 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions, has committed itself to reducing their levels by 20% by 2020 when the international Kyoto protocol expires and needs to be replaced. The conference is part of the preparations for a new international agreement.

The Parliament, which will participate in the conference, has reiterated the EU's offer of increasing its reduction target to 30% by 2020 if other major emitting countries follow suit.

Check out our infographic and also the interview with Matthias Groote, the EP's head of delegation to the conference .

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