ReAct Rome: It's all about the quality of life 

What can Europe do to improve your quality of life? ©BELGA/EASYSTOCKPHOTO/B.ARAPOVIC 

What does the quality of life mean to you? Is it safe food, accessible medical care, cleaner air and a greener environment? Or would it be strong consumers’ rights or knowing that your private data are safe online? The European Parliament considers improving the quality of life in Europe vital. Find out more by reading our article.

The European Parliament has been working on a wide range of rules to improve the quality of life in Europe: ensuring safe and accessible medicines and medical treatments, strengthening passenger rights, enabling consumers to buy clearly and correctly labelled food, cutting CO2 emissions and preventing other environmental pollution, but also making sure that Europeans' privacy is protected and that their data is safe.

You can find more on these and other stories in our quality of life top story, but that’s not all. Many of these topics are debated our during fourth ReACT conference on 23 January in Rome, which is dedicated to improving the quality of life. 

Chef Carlo Cracco, climatologist Riccardo Valentini and professor Michele Mirabella present their points of view and debate them with the audience. The conference is moderated by geologist Mario Tozzi but everyone can follow live and comment with #Reactroma by clicking on the link on the right.

ReAct Roma is the fourth in a series of five interactive conferences held ahead of the European elections in May on subjects vital to the EU. Each takes place in a different European city bringing together opinion leaders invited share their knowledge, ideas and experience on the issues. Previous events were dedicated to jobs and employment (15 October in Paris), the EU in the world (14 November in Warsaw), finances (5 Dcember in Frankfurt). The fifth and final event on the economy will take place on 20 February in Madrid.