Preventing violence against women – a challenge for all 


Gender equality is one of the Parliament’s key values. Violence against women is a form of gender-based discrimination and one of the most sensitive gender inequality issues. To address this issue and find possible solutions, the theme of this year's International Women's Day, which is held every year on 8 March, is preventing violence against women.

One in three women in the EU has experienced physical or sexual violence that in most cases results in a long-lasting physical or emotional pain, according to the latest survey conducted by the EU's Fundamental Rights Agency. But the real extent of the problem remains unclear as violence against women remains underreported across the EU.

The Parliament pushes for a European approach as there is currently no EU legislation establishing measures to promote and support the work of member states in this field. MEPs also dedicated the 2010 edition of International Women's Day to this issue and since then the EP has adopted several own-initiative reports proposing specific measures to fight gender-based violence and discrimination. On 25 February the Parliament adopted a resolution with recommendations to the European Commission on how to tackle violence against women.

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