In a hurry? Twitter is the fastest way to get updates about decisions taken by the European Parliament. With its 140 character messages, the social network has become the platform of choice for politicians, journalists and other news junkies. But how do you find the best account to follow for you among the nearly 100 official Twitter accounts run by the Parliament? Our interactive and newly updated Twitter map shows the way.

The EP Twitter accounts help you to find anything from interviews to press releases, the latest voting results from parliamentary committees, videos from EuroparlTV or background briefings from the EP Research Service.

The map has been inspired by the iconic map for the London Underground. Every line groups related accounts. Click on an account and you will be redirected to the respective page on Twitter.

News in your language

The light blue line lists the central accounts of the European Parliament with the latest articles and interviews with MEPs in your language.

Local tweets

The dark blue line connects the accounts of EP information offices tweeting local news from the member states.

Committee updates

The orange line links the accounts of 20 parliamentary committees, two subcommittees and one inquiry committee. You will find vote results, press releases and alerts about meetings. They are also a good way to get in touch with press officers.

Media services

The shorter green line represents media services offered by the Parliament, including the central press account, the spokesperson and latest images and videos.

Events and more

The violet line lists events and other EP accounts, for example the Charlemagne Youth prize and the European Youth Event.

This article was originally published on 28 March 2014, but has been republished due to updates.