International Youth Day: how the EU is working to reduce unemployment 

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Young, promising and unemployed. It might be International Youth Day on 12 August, but for the more than 5.3 million Europeans under 25 without a job, there will be little to celebrate. All the more reason for the EU to make tackling unemployment a priority. Read on to discover what is being done to help young people.

The youth guarantee scheme is the EU's new tool  for fighting unemployment among young Europeans. It aims to ensure that no-one under 25  is left unemployed or inactive more than longer than four months. About €10 billion from the European Social Fund and €6 billion from the Youth Employment Initiative are being invested to help young people get work.

In July MEPs called for more funding and better measures to fight youth unemployment, including minimum standards for apprenticeships and decent wages. 

A young girl at the EYE event in Strasbourg 

Erasmus: one of the most popular EU programmes

The Erasmus programme offers young people the opportunity to improve their CV by training or studying aborad. More than three million people have taken part in the popular programme since it was launched in 1987. Last academic year alone, 270,000 students received an EU grant to study or train abroad. A new and improved Erasmus+ programme kicks off in September.

EYE2014: fresh ideas for the future of Europe

Last May, the European Parliament welcomed thousands of young people in Strasbourg at the European Youth Event (EYE) to share and discuss their ideas for the future of Europe. The final report containing all their conclusions and recommendations has been handed over to MEPs.