Facebook chat: discuss refugee crisis with expert MEPs Sylvie Guillaume and Jean Arthuis 


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Join our Facebook chat with Sylvie Guillaume and Jean Arthuis on Wednesday 16 March 

Interested in the refugee crisis? Then join our Facebook chat with Parliament Vice-President Sylvie Guillaume and budgets committee chair Jean Arthuis on Wednesday 16 March from 14.00 CET. The two MEPs led delegations to Turkey in February where they visited refugee camps and met political leaders and representatives from NGOs. Find out their findings and ask them about their views during our chat.

Facebook chat

With increasing numbers of refugees seeking to enter Europe, the refugee crisis shows no sign of abating while the conflict in Syria that triggered it has entered its sixth year this week, with more than 250,000 dead and 4.8 million displaced. Last month, two parliamentary delegations, led by Sylvie Guillaume and Jean Arthuis, visited Turkey to see for themselves the living conditions of some of the almost three million refugees living there.

You now have the opportunity to ask the two MEPs about their visit and find out their views on how the migration crisis should be tackled. The Facebook chat starts at 14.00 CET on Wednesday 16 March.

Click here to join the chat with Sylvie Guillaume and Jean Arthuis from 14.00 CET on 16 March.


Parliament votes

The foreign affairs committee votes Tuesday on a progress report assessing how Turkey did in 2015 on human rights, media freedom and the fight against corruption.

The civil liberties committee votes Wednesday on Parliament's own proposals to improve EU migration and refugee policies, including a proposal to establish a centralised EU system for collecting and allocating asylum requests, plus binding relocation and resettlement schemes for refugees.

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One of the refugee camps visited 
Baby sleeping in one of the refugee camps