World Refugee Day - what would it be like to flee your home country to avoid torture or death? 

What would you do? Stay in your country or town and risk your life in a conflict you may have no stake in, or flee and risk kidnap, rape, torture or worse? These are the questions the UN's Refugee Agency is posing for World Refugee Day on 20 June. In the industrialised world Europe is the most common destination for asylum applicants. Check out our infograph for more details.

The Parliament is currently negotiating with the Council on two files relating to asylum seekers in Europe. Swedish Liberal Democrat Cecilia Wikström  is leading the consultations on amending the Dublin II Regulation, which determines which member state is responsible for the asylum claim. Until now it has been the member state where the asylum seeker first entered the EU, but in order to ease the burden on some countries, the Parliament wants to have the responsibilities more evenly divided between member states.

Spanish Social Democrat Antonio Masip Hidalgo is responsible for the second dossier, which covers minimum reception conditions for asylum seekers, including those for accommodation, healthcare and education.