Emanuel Gesang is the January winner of our photo contest with this picture called United ©Emanuel Gesang/United/www.emanuelgesang.com 

Take part in our new guest photographer contest, inspired by 2015 being the European Year for Development. Every month until September we will be announcing a different topic linked to development. Send us your photo inspired by the theme of that month, along with the submission form and you could be invited to Strasbourg to make a photo reportage.

How to take part

You can submit your photo and entry form via email. The deadline for the second topic "Education" is 28 February at midnight CET.

An editorial committee will select the ten best entries and then pick the winner of the month. This will automatically make them a finalist for the jury prize. The ten best photos for January are showcased on the  Parliament's Facebook and G+ pages where you can vote for your favourite. At the end of the contest, the most liked photo will be awarded the public prize. Both of these photographers will be invited to the plenary session in November 2015.

The best photo for the first theme was "United" from Emanuel Gesang, a 31-year-old Swede living in Spain. Gesang said his photo showing a tattoo of a world map without borders symbolised a united an equal world:  "Racism and inequalities in Europe and the whole world are worsening. At the same time, violence and economic differences grow more and more. This is why I think that we must underline more than ever the fight against racism, selfishness and inequality."

Send your photo and application form to webcom-flickr@europarl.europa.eu.

For more details about the rules, photo requirements and copyright conditions, click on the links on the right.