North Korea: “We must solve this crisis diplomatically” 


With North Korea consistently breaking its international obligations to neither produce nor test nuclear weapons, what is the EU’s response? Watch our video.

The European Union should tighten its sanctions on North Korea as a response to Pyongyang’s largest nuclear test to date, said David McAllister, the chair of Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, ahead of Thursday’s meeting of EU foreign ministers in Tallinn.


McAllister described the stepping up of North Korea’s nuclear activities as “a major provocation and a large threat not only to regional, but also to international security”.

David McAllister 

While sanctions have so far done little to deter North Korea from boosting its nuclear and missile capacity, McAllister stressed that the only solution was a diplomatic one: “For instance, if we further tighten the supply of oil to North Korea, that will have a major impact on the economy, and in the end, on the regime.”


The foreign affairs committee chair also urged China to exert its leverage over the North Korean regime to ensure that the situation does not escalate further.


In January 2016, MEPs adopted a resolution expressing their concern about the persisting deterioration of the human rights situation in North Korea. MEPs are expected to debate the situation on the Korean Peninsula on Tuesday 12 September.