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The EU budget, a guide

Others Focus - Budget07-01-2011 - 14:37
People looking at a euro sign through a looking glass   A closer look at the EU budget ©BELGA_imagebroker_Michaela Begsteiger

The EU budget is no simple matter, but then no budget ever is. A yearly exercise based on a seven year "financial framework" and covering every euro spent by the EU, either directly or, most often, through governments, it is the blood that courses through Europe's veins making the Union function and deliver. On 15 December MEPs passed the draft budget during their Parliamentary session.

Following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty earlier this year, Parliament is now a true co-legislator for the entire budget, meaning it fully shares responsibility with the Council of Ministers, representing the EU governments, and is fighting to ensure that the funds made available will enable the EU to carry out its duties as citizens expect.

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Updated: ( 14-03-2011 - 19:01)