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Consumer rights deal overwhelmingly endorsed by Internal Market Committee

IMCO Press release - Consumers16-06-2011 - 16:57

A deal with the Council and the Commission on rules to protect consumers better and ensure clear common conditions for firms competing in the single market won unanimous political backing in an Internal Market Committee vote on Thursday. It will be put to a plenary vote on Thursday 23 June.

"More safety for consumers shopping on line and common rules for businesses - these are the headlines of the political agreement between the Parliament and the Council on the Consumer Rights Directive", commented Parliament's rapporteur Andreas Schwab (EPP, DE), adding that "Consumers and businesses will equally win. We are a big step closer to a truly common internal market in Europe".

The agreement (approved in committee with 28 votes in favour, 0 against and 3 abstentions), will now be put to a plenary vote on Thursday 23 June, in Brussels.

The compromise text was endorsed by COREPER (committee of Member States' representatives), in a letter dated 15 June, but the new legislation still needs to be formally approved by the Council of Ministers, and will have to be implemented by Member States within two years.

For details of what the deal will mean for consumers, please see our 7 June press release (link below).

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Updated: ( 17-06-2011 - 09:45)