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Road safety: 103 measures to halve road accident deaths by 2020

Plenary Session Press release - Transport27-09-2011 - 13:33

The EU should promote the use of alcolocks on commercial goods and passenger vehicles and seek an EU-wide 30 km/h speed limit in residential areas, says a resolution approved by a show of hands on Tuesday. Parliament calls for a new road safety action plan as a matter of urgency, and recommends harmonising road traffic rules, road signs, roadworthiness tests and blood alcohol limits.

A "zero death toll" is the long-run aim that guided Parliament's rapporteur Dieter-Lebrecht Koch (EPP, DE) in drafting a resolution that aims to reduce road deaths by half, serious injuries by 40% and child deaths by 60% between 2010 and 2020.

"The choice of measures and their assessment should be a scientific process, based on comparable, high-quality data, definitions and statistics", said Mr Koch in the debate, adding that "We expect a harmonised analysis of the causes of accidents and injuries and an EU-wide exchange of data which respects a high standard of data privacy".

MEPs call on the European Commission to appoint an EU road safety co-ordinator to help Member States to put the action plan into effect.

The proposed measures are set out in a background note (link below).

Procedure: Non-legislative resolution

REF. : 20110927IPR27617