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Parliament reiterates call for an EU strategy for the homeless

Plenary Session Press release - Social policy13-02-2012 - 19:10

An EU strategy to combat homelessness and food waste, prolonging the EU food for the needy programme and improving access to services of general interest were proposed by MEPs in a debate on Monday as ways to prevent social exclusion.

In a debate with Commissioner Barnier on the plight of homeless people in severe cold weather, MEPs reiterated that more than 600 people have died from cold in Europe in recent weeks.

Although homelessness falls within the Member States' sphere of competence, its scale is now such that the EU has a duty to try to help, say MEPs, stressing that their third call for an EU strategy against homelessness has so far remained a dead letter.

The political groups' speakers also called on those Member States that treat homelessness as a crime to cease doing so.

REF. : 20120210IPR37797