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Plenary focus: Strasbourg plenary session 21-24 May 2012

Plenary Session Focus - Institutions16-05-2012 - 17:16
The view of the city from the EP tower in Strasbourg   The gender pay gap and a proposal for a financial transaction tax are among the topics to be discussed during the plenary session in Strasbourg

MEPs had much to discuss during the Strasbourg plenary session on 21-24 May, ranging from ways to reform the economy to measures to plug the gender pay gap. Parliament voted on a proposed financial transaction tax on Wednesday as well as on a proposal to maximise the efficient use and recovery of natural resources, while also debating measures to support SMEs. On Thursday MEPs voted on a resolution addressing the gender pay gap, as women still earn 16.4% less than men on average.

In addition they also debated the situation in Ukraine, China's investments in the EU, stricter rules to save the bluefin tuna, the fight against homophobia and the possibility of new investigatory powers for MEPs.
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Updated: ( 25-05-2012 - 09:18)