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Water: why we should care

Others Article - Environment / Public health05-06-2012 - 16:34
infographic about water   Find out about the importance of water in our infographic

Water is of vital importance. MEPs on the environment committee voted on 29 May in favour of a report by Austrian Christian-Democrat Richard Seeber aimed at creating a solid and ambitious legislative base for addressing the EU's water challenges over the long term. Check out our infographic to see why it matters.

The report calls for:

  • more efficient and sustainable water use in agriculture through the introduction of innovative technologies and practices

  • the implementation of existing legislation and the plugging of any gaps

  • urging the European Commission to tackle  member states’ infringements of EU law in the field of water

  • the control of pollution at source, in order to prevent hazardous substances from entering the environment and to reduce the burden on wastewater treatment

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