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Eurobarometer survey: people are becoming more positive about the EU

Others Article - Institutions06-09-2012 - 10:40
A woman smiling   People are more positive about the EU now than nine months ago © BELGA-MONKEY

People are more positive about the EU now than nine months ago, with a large majority citing the European Parliament as the institution that best represents the EU, according to a new Eurobarometer survey published on 6 September. Respondents also said voting in European elections is the best way to make their voice heard across the EU.

Half of people questioned said that membership of the EU is "a good thing" (50%) while 40% of Europeans have a favourable opinion of the EU, up from 31% in November 2011. People are still divided on whether or not their opinions matter at EU level (54% said they didn't, compared to 42% who felt they did) but 57% of those questioned said voting in the next European Parliament elections is the best way to make them matter. A quarter of respondents were aware that the elections will take place in two years' time.

Interestingly, 54% of those questioned said they would be more inclined to vote than they are today if each European political party put up a candidate for the post of president of the European Commission.

Unsurprisingly, job creation and fighting unemployment were seen as the top priorities in fighting the crisis in the EU (72% of those who took part in the survey).

These are some of the findings of a Eurobarometer survey conducted between 2-17 June, with 26,622 citizens across all 27 EU member states. Check out the link on the right for the full survey.

REF. : 20120904STO50504