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Behind the scenes: meet the three directors vying for the LUX Film Prize

Others Article - Culture07-11-2013 - 15:11
Valeria Golino, Felix Van Groeningen and Clio Barnard   (From left) Valeria Golino, Felix Van Groeningen and Clio Barnard ©Belga

Everybody loves films, but we rarely find out the story behind their creation. Luckily, for the three films short-listed for this year's LUX Prize, EP's award to celebrate the best of European cinematography, we are able to reveal what inspired them and what proved to be challenging. Directors Clio Barnard, Valeria Golino and Felix van Groeningen shared their secreats with the LUX Prize official website. Read on to find out the background and inspiration for some of this year's best films.

Clio Barnard, The Selfish Giant


I met a boy called Matty who lived on the Arbor, a street in Bradford. The film is based on him and his relationship with his best friend. I read The Selfish Giant to my own children when they were small and always wanted to make a contemporary, realist version of this story.

The challenge:

The story is about the dangers of excluding children, what gets lost when children are shut out, when their value is not recognised. Matty and his friend were children on the margins of an already marginalised community - so I knew who the children would be, but had trouble figuring out who the giant could be.

Valeria Golino, Miele


I read the book A nome tuo by Mauro Covacich three years ago. I found it to be a striking book. Very contemporary, painful and provoking, with a type of female character Italian literature and film haven´t yet seen.

The challenge:

As an actress, for me to take a leap and direct a movie, it would have had to be for something that is extremely difficult, that takes me away from my convictions. Death and decision to end your life… I wanted to talk about it without ideology, without certainties.

Felix van Groeningen, The Broken Circle Breakdown


When I saw the play for the first time, I thought it was really fantastic. All the elements worked perfectly and as a whole, the play achieved real grandeur. It's about a couple, and that they have lost a child; it goes on from there, always moving on a little further. How will this man and woman deal with their grief and why don´t they relate to others anymore?

The challenge:

We wanted to make the best possible film, and for that you always have to make some very difficult choices.

For the full video interviews, visit the LUX Prize website by clicking on the link on the right. For contacts and more details, click on the link for the press release.

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