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2014 European elections: latest projections of seats in the Parliament

Others Article - Institutions24-03-2014 - 17:12
Latest projections 19-05-2014  JPG   Latest projections of seats (click on the image for a clearer view)

How will the European Parliament look after the European elections on 22-25 May? No-one has the answer, but the question is on everyone’s mind. Based on the current state of play of public opinion in the EU member states, the European Parliament and its contractor TNS Opinion propose a weekly projection of seats in the Parliament’s hemicycle.

Please note that this is not a poll on voting intentions, but a snapshot of the current state of play of the public opinion in EU member states on the 2014 European elections. The final and official composition of the new European Parliament will only be known by its constitutive session on 1-3 July 2014.


This projection of seats in the European Parliament is based on a non exhaustive collection of weekly European and national polls carried out in the 28 EU member states. The seats for each party in each member state are calculated by taking into account national electoral laws, electoral formulas, voting system and national electoral thresholds where applicable.

Projections are based on the averages of the latest two or three polls available in each member state. When calculating the average is not possible, only the latest European or national poll available is taken into account.

This week’s projection is based on polls from 13 May to 19 May.

Seats allocation

Parties that belong to an EP political group or are members of the corresponding European political party are automatically included in the outgoing political group.

Parties currently represented among the non-attached members are automatically included in the non-attached category.

Parties whose affiliation has yet to be determined are automatically included in the “others” category. This “others” category is split equally between the right and the left of the hemicycle in order not to prejudge its political orientations.

Source: collaboration between the EP and TNS Opinion.

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