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Council urged to resume talks on maternity leave directive

Plenary Session Press release - Women's rights/Equal opportunities16-07-2014 - 10:36
A pregnant woman   Extending maternity leave to at least 20 weeks would help balance private and professional life, MEPs said in 2010 - BELGAIMAGE/PRESSASSOCIATIONS/K.Collins

The Council of Ministers was urged to resume talks with Parliament on a draft EU directive on maternity leave by many MEPs in a debate with Commissioner Siim Kallas on Tuesday afternoon. Parliament voted for this draft directive in 2010, to strengthen women’s rights across Europe, and its wishes should be respected, said MEPs. But the Commission recently announced plans to withdraw it, after four years’ deadlock in the Council.

You can watch the recorded debate via Video on Demand (link on the right).


REF. : 20140711IPR52239