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Forest strategy: making the most of Europe's natural resources

Environment28-04-2015 - 13:19
EN_layout_forest   Check out the facts about forests in our infographic.

Forests and woodland not only cover more than 40% of Europe's land mass, but industries linked to them also employ about 3.5 million people. On Tuesday 28 April MEPs approved a new EU strategy for them. The resolution stresses the importance of sustainable management and the forestry sector's social and economic value. Check out our infographic to learn more about the vital role Europe's forests play.

The resolution also says that forests and forestry should play a more significant role in other European strategies, such as for example energy and environment policies. The new strategy should help to tackle cross-border challenges, such as forest fires, climate change, natural disasters and invasive alien species, while the amount of red tape should be reduced for forest owners and managers.

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