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Refugees/Turkey: Budgets and the Civil Liberties committees to visit Turkey to assess situation on the ground

BUDG LIBE Press release - Immigration / Budget05-02-2016 - 14:31

Most of the one million-plus migrants and refugees who travelled to the European Union in 2015 came via Turkey. There are now more than 2.5 million refugees in Turkey itself. At the end of November 2015, the EU and Turkey struck a deal to try to control migrant flows into Europe. Turkey in return is to receive an extra €3 billion from the EU budget and member states in order to support refugees in the country.

Civil liberties MEPs will visit a refugee camp and other refugee support projects as well as meeting Turkish interlocutors, international NGOs and other partners to assess the situation on the ground. Press activities will be announced.

Delegation: Sylvie GUILLAUME (Head of delegation, S&D, FR), Peter NIEDERMÜLLER(S&D, HU), Nathalie GRIESBECK (ALDE, FR), József NAGY (EPP, SK), Tanja FAJON (S&D, SI), Frank ENGEL (EPP, LU) and Anna Maria CORAZZA BILDT (EPP, SE). (Monday to Thursday)

Budgets MEPs will discuss the use of EU pre-accession funds with the Turkish authorities and investigate the use of EU support measures for refugees from Syria and Iraq, inter alia by visiting a refugee camp. A press conference will be held at the EU Delegation in Ankara on Tuesday at 15.00.

Delegation: Jean ARTHUIS (ALDE, FR, Head of delegation), José Manuel FERNANDES (EPP, PT), Paul RÜBIG (EPP, AT), Inese VAIDERE (EPP, LV), Jens GEIER (S&D, DE), Jean-Paul DENANOT (S&D, FR), Anders VISTISEN (ECR, DK), Anneli JÄÄTTEENMÄKI (ALDE, FI), Younous OMARJEE (GUE/NGL, FR), Ernest MARAGALL (Greens/EFA, ES) and Marco ZANNI (EFDD, IT). (Monday to Wednesday)

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