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The Week Ahead 27 February – 05 March 2017

27-02-2017 - 11:47

Plenary session and committee meetings, Brussels


Preparations for March EU summit. Political groups will discuss their inputs for the upcoming EU summit. EU priority measures for growth, the Single Market strategy, including digital markets, and external and internal security are among the topics to be debated by EU leaders on 9 and 10 March. (Debate on Wednesday)

Visa reciprocity with US. MEPs will vote on a resolution on visa reciprocity which may urge the Commission to temporarily reintroduce visa requirements for US citizens, in order to encourage Washington to grant citizens of all EU countries visa-free access to the United States. The US currently imposes visa on citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania. (Vote on Thursday)

EU citizens’ freedom of movement in the UK. Following the growing number of reports that the UK Home Office is using a restrictive interpretation of the right of EU citizens to stay in the UK, political groups will debate the issue with the Commission. (Debate on Wednesday)

Access to medicines. MEPs will discuss and vote on recommendations on ways to improve people’s access to medicines. Prices of new medicines have risen in the EU in the past few decades to the point of being unaffordable for many and may now threaten the sustainability of national health care systems. (Debate on Wednesday, vote on Thursday)


Car emissions inquiry. The Committee of Inquiry into Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector (EMIS) will vote on its final report on discrepancies between test and real driving emissions of diesel cars, with draft recommendations to the Commission and member states for improvements in applying EU standards. The text will be debated and voted at the April Strasbourg plenary. Press point with the chair and co-rapporteurs at 16.00. (Tuesday)

Money laundering/financing terrorism. The Economic and Monetary Affairs and Civil Liberties committees will vote on an update of EU legislation against money laundering, terrorism financing and tax avoidance. The changes aim to close loopholes and strengthen measures against terrorism financing. These would include ending secrecy about companies’ true owners and sharing this information between member states. (Tuesday)

Fundamental rights in Hungary.  Civil Liberties MEPs will discuss the fundamental rights situation in Hungary with Justice Minister László Trócsányi and civil society representatives.

President’s diary. EP President Antonio Tajani will meet Armenia President Serzh Sargsyan, on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he will meet Bundestag President Professor Norbert Lammert. Mr. Tajani will then meet Ireland Prime Minister Enda Kenny on Thursday and go in official visit to Slovenia on Friday.

Press briefing. The EP Press Service will hold a press briefing at 11.00 on Monday. (“Anna Politkovskaya” press conference room, Brussels) Ask #EPressbriefing @EuroParlPress

EP Press Service contact 25 and 26 February


Phone: (+32) 473 55 74 66

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