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The Week Ahead 14 – 20 April 2014

15-04-2014 - 16:32

Plenary session, Strasbourg

Banking Union. MEPs will debate and vote on measures to make banks shoulder the risks of failure rather than relying on taxpayers to bail them out. These complement the single bank supervision system and take the EU far down the road of banking union. Press conferences with rapporteur Elisa Ferreira (S&D, PT) Monday 17:00 and Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee chair Sharon Bowles (ALDE, UK), Commissioner Michel Barnier, rapporteurs Elisa Ferreira (S&D, PT), Gunnar Hökmark (EPP, SV) and Peter Simon (S&D, DE) Tuesday 16:00. (Debate and vote Tuesday)

Basic bank accounts. New rules enabling anyone legally residing in the EU, even with no fixed address, to open a basic bank account will be put to a vote. Fees and conditions for all payment accounts will have to be clearly set out and easy to compare, and holders should be able to switch easily to another payment account that offers better terms. Press conference with rapporteur Jürgen Klute (GUE/NGL, DE) Tuesday 17:30. (Vote Tuesday)


Posting of workers. Workers posted abroad temporarily will get more protection and rules for employers will be clarified to distinguish genuine postings from attempts to circumvent the law under a draft directive to be put to a vote. Member states will also get more flexibility to carry out inspections. (Debate Tuesday, vote Tuesday)


Eliminating 80% of plastic bags. EU states would have to cut consumption of the most widely used and polluting plastic bags by at least 50% by 2017 and by 80% by 2019, under new rules to be put to a vote. (Wednesday)

World War I Centenary. Political group leaders will debate the legacy of the First World War and the lessons to be learned for the future of Europe with Commission President José Manuel Barroso and the Greek Presidency of the Council. (Wednesday)

Solidarity Fund. EU Solidarity Fund (EUSF) rule changes will enable faster delivery of aid to member states and candidate countries hit by flooding or other natural disasters. The deadline for applying for aid will be extended from 10 to 12 weeks, up to 10% of aid may be paid in advance, and aid approval criteria for smaller, “regional”, disasters will be simplified. Press conference with rapporteur Rosa Estaràs Ferragut (EPP, ES), Regional Development Committee chair Danuta Hübner (EPP, PL) and Commissioner Johannes Hahn Tuesday 14:00. (Debate and vote Wednesday)

Product safety and "Made in" labeling. MEPs will vote on whether "made in" labels should be mandatory for goods sold on the EU market and on harsher penalties for firms selling potentially dangerous products. Press conference with rapporteurs Christel Schaldemose (S&D, DA), Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP, FI) and Internal Market Committee chair Malcolm Harbour (ECR, UK) Wednesday 9:30. (Debate and vote Tuesday)

Ukraine. MEPs will focus on Russia’s pressure on Eastern Partnership countries and attempts to destabilise eastern Ukraine in a debate with the European Commission. (Debate Wednesday, vote Thursday)


Pre-session press briefing. The EP Press Service will hold a press briefing at 16.30 on Monday. (EP Press conference room, Strasbourg)

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