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Parliament endorses Klaus-Heiner Lehne's European Court of Auditors nomination

Plenary Session Press release - Economic and monetary affairs04-02-2014 - 12:50

Parliament endorsed the nomination of MEP Klaus-Heiner Lehne (EPP, DE) as the German member of the European Court of Auditors on Tuesday. Mr Lehne will take up his new duties in the Luxembourg-based court after the Council seals the appointment.

Mr Lehne's nomination was approved by 457 votes to169, with 55 abstentions.  .

A lawyer by profession, he has been a member of the European Parliament since 1994, chairing the Committee on Legal Affairs in the current term. Prior to his parliamentary career, Mr Lehne worked inter alia in the German Bundestag and the Düsseldorf City Council. He was nominated by the German authorities.


Members of the Court of Auditors are appointed for six years. The Council, after consulting the European Parliament, decides upon the proposals made by each member state. The decision on Mr Lehne is expected on 24th February.

Procedure:  consultation

REF. : 20140203IPR34508