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Human rights and sports: hearing and press conference

DROI Press release - Human rights12-02-2014 - 16:32
The trophy of the upcoming World Cup Brazil 2014   World Cup 2022 should take place in Qatar - ©BELGA/DPA/J.C.Aguilar

On Thursday 13 February the Subcommittee on Human Rights held a hearing on "sport and human rights, focussing on the situation of migrant workers in Qatar".

The guest speakers are Dr Theo Zwanziger, Member of the FIFA Executive Committee, Gilbert Houngbo, Deputy Director General of the ILO, Sharan Burrow, Secretary General of ITUC-CSI, Jonas Baer-Hoffman, FIFPro World Players’ Union, Division Europe, James Lynch, Researcher, Amnesty International, and Zahir Belounis, Professional football player.

The meeting was followed by a press conference.

REF. : 20140210IPR35509
Updated: ( 13-02-2014 - 16:25)