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Live: workshop on new learning and teaching technologies

Others Article - Institutions / Education07-04-2014 - 17:08
Watch it live   Follow the workshop on new learning and teaching technologies live on our website

Although 76% of EU households have access to broadband internet, only 20% of students can benefit from good digital teaching. A workshop at the EP on Tuesday 8 April looks at new learning and teaching technologies. It is organised by the EP's Science and Technology Options Assessment Unit (STOA), which gives independent scientific advice to MEPs, by identifying strategic policy options for the long term in specific science and technology areas. Watch the workshop live online.

The workshop, starting at 14.30 CET, will examine the possibilities technology offers  to share knowledge, such as scientific discovery games or innovative and online learning and teaching tools and technologies. It will also include practical demonstration to show how technology can affect education or what digital products there are for continued medical education.

The EP's education committee adopted an own initiative report on 25 March on new technologies and open educational resources, which will be voted on in plenary on 15 April.

To follow the workshop online, click on the link onn the right. You can also ask questions to the panel by using the hashtag #STOA on Twitter.

REF. : 20140407STO42618