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Press releases


2030 climate goals: MEPs sceptical about Commission proposals

ENVI Environment22-01-2014 - 16:16

MEPs gave a mixed response on Wednesday to the proposals for the EU’s long-term goals for tackling climate change announced by the Commission the same day. In a joint vote on 9 January, environment and industry MEPs had backed a 40% cut in CO2 emissions, a 30% target for renewable energy and a 40% target for energy efficiency for the period to 2030. Such targets should be binding, they say. (Read more: 2030 climate goals: MEPs sceptical about Commission proposals )


Economic governance: Pressing need for legitimacy and social dimension

ECON Economic and monetary affairs / Employment policy22-01-2014 - 16:00

MEPs and national parliamentarians concluded their conference on economic governance on Wednesday by calling for much better dialogue, ownership and democratic legitimacy. They also committed to enhancing the way in which their parliaments worked with each other and said effective scrutiny required more collaboration. (Read more: Economic governance: Pressing need for legitimacy and social dimension )


Draft legislation agreed with the Council of Ministers to make tobacco products less attractive to young people was endorsed by Public Health Committee MEPs on Wednesday. This legislation, updating the EU Tobacco Directive, would require all packs to carry a health warning covering 65% of their surface. E-cigarettes would be regulated, either as medicinal products, if they make quit claims, or as tobacco products. (Read more: Tobacco Directive: Public Health Committee backs agreement with EU Ministers)


Clandestine migrants from the EU to Turkey or Turkey to the EU would have to be returned under an EU-Turkey “readmission” agreement signed by both parties on 16 December and endorsed by the Civil Liberties Committee on Wednesday. The return rule would apply not only to EU nationals and Turks, but also to third-country nationals who enter either the EU or Turkey via the other. (Read more: Clandestine migrants: Civil Liberties Committee backs EU-Turkey return agreement)


Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs voting on Tuesday once again called on the Council to set a date for starting EU accession negotiations with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. They also backed plans for further talks with Montenegro and called on EU leaders to show more commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Read more: Progress of fYROM, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina: committee vote)


Recovering cultural objects unlawfully removed from the territory of an EU member state will become easier and less costly, thanks to more flexible procedures. The Culture and Education Committee approved a revision of a 1993 directive on Tuesday, to make proof of "due diligence" mandatory before compensating of people in possession of recovered objects. (Read more: Return of illegally exported cultural objects: simpler rules)


International trade MEPs back plans to beef up EU response to unfair imports

INTA External/international trade21-01-2014 - 12:41

Plans to update the EU’s “trade defence instruments” — so as to beef up its efforts to combat dumped and subsidized imports from third countries — were backed by the International Trade Committee on Tuesday. However, MEPs also urged the EU to refine its method of calculating anti-dumping duties to take account of environmental, social and development concerns, and also to help small EU firms which find it difficult to take advantage of the instruments due to their complexity and costs. (Read more: International trade MEPs back plans to beef up EU response to unfair imports)


Reforming EU audit services to restore investors' confidence

JURI Justice and home affairs21-01-2014 - 11:31

A draft agreement between Parliament and Council on legislation to open up the EU audit services market beyond the dominant "Big Four" firms and remedy auditing weaknesses revealed by the financial crisis was endorsed by the Legal Affairs Committee on Tuesday. The draft also aims to improve audit quality and transparency and prevent conflicts of interest. (Read more: Reforming EU audit services to restore investors' confidence)

Illustration picture shows a technical car inspection session in Brussels.©BELGA/E.Lalmand  

An informal agreement with EU member states on minimum common standards for periodic vehicle inspections, vehicle registration documents and roadside inspections of commercial vehicles was backed by the Transport and Tourism Committee on Tuesday. (Read more: Road safety: Transport MEPs back vehicle inspections agreement)


Success of European economic governance depends on parliamentary control

ECON EMPL Economic and monetary affairs / Employment policy20-01-2014 - 18:46

European economic governance decisions must not be made by a latterday “Congress of Vienna” – they will succeed only if parliaments across the EU work well together and are closely involved and in control of them, said European Parliament President Martin Schulz on Monday. He was speaking at the opening of this year’s European Parliamentary Week, which brought together MEPs and national MEPs to discuss all aspects of economic governance and policy coordination. (Read more: Success of European economic governance depends on parliamentary control)