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Press releases

CYP visual  

This year's Charlemagne Youth Prize has been awarded to the Erasmus Evening radio show from Poland. The ceremony took place in Aachen, Germany, on 23 May. (Read more: Charlemagne Youth Prize 2017 goes to Erasmus project from Poland )


Open day: visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Others Institutions12-05-2017 - 11:39
Open doors 2017 in Strasbourg  

This Sunday you enjoy the opprtunity to discover that the European Parliament is about more than procedures and documents when it opens its doors to the public in Strasbourg. You will have the chance to ask MEPs questions, join a debate on issues affecting Europe, and even learn some salsa. Every year the European institutions welcome guests to celebrate the 1950 speech by then French Foreign minister Robert Schuman which led to the creation of the EU. (Read more: Open day: visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg )


Migration crisis: 73% of Europeans wants EU to do more

Others Institutions / Fundamental rights / Immigration11-05-2017 - 10:31
Eurobarometre: migration ©AP Images/ European Union-EP  

Migration has been an EU priority for years. Since 2015 the EU has taken several measures to manage the migration crisis as well as to improve the asylum system. According to the latest Eurobarometer poll, 73% of Europeans still want the EU to do more to manage the situation. However, 58% of respondents think the EU’s actions regarding migration are inadequate, eight percentage points less than last year. Read on to discover what measures the European Parliament is working on. (Read more: Migration crisis: 73% of Europeans wants EU to do more )


Brexit: protecting the rights of millions of EU citizens living in the UK

Others Institutions / European citizenship09-05-2017 - 16:48
infographic illustration  

Although few of them were allowed to vote during the referendum, the millions of EU citizens living in the UK will be among those affected the most by Brexit. The EU wants to reach a deal to protect their rights as soon as possible during the upcoming negotiations with the UK. This week Parliament is holding a hearing on the situation and rights of EU citizens in the UK. Watch the meeting live online and check out our infographic for the facts. (Read more: Brexit: protecting the rights of millions of EU citizens living in the UK )


Europe Day: lessons from history

Others Institutions / Treaties09-05-2017 - 09:52

Europe Day, celebrated on 9 May, is all about our common journey from war to peace and cooperation. It was on 9 May 1950 that then French foreign minister Robert Schuman put in words a dream of a different Europe working together to overcome conflicts and growing stronger step by step. In 1958, this dream took shape in the Rome Treaties that set the basis for the European Union. Francesco Fresi was present in Rome at the signing and shared with us his thoughts on Europe’s extraordinary journey. (Read more: Europe Day: lessons from history )


Join the one million strong Europarl Twitter fellowship

Others Institutions08-05-2017 - 13:24
EN_1 million_AlaUne_EN.png  

The European Parliament’s official Twitter accounts have hit the one million follower milestone. Parliament first dipped its toes into Twitter back in April 2009, launching accounts in 22 EU languages. Eight years later, it boasts more than a million followers for its 26 accounts, including Europarl_photo, where you can find the best images of the Parliament and the people in it. (Read more: Join the one million strong Europarl Twitter fellowship )

Parliament building in Brussels. Photo of glass wall with large EU flag  

The rights of EU citizens living in the UK and how they will be affected by Brexit is the focus of a hearing organised by three parliamentary committees this week. In addition the inquiry committee investigating the Panama papers holds a meeting with representatives from the Channel Islands, Gibraltar and Madeira to discuss their tax regimes.Political groups also prepare for next week's plenary session. (Read more: In Parliament this week: EU citizens in UK, tax regimes, plenary preparations )


Europeans increasingly realise the need for common solutions to the most pressing problems, yet question whether politics will be able to deliver, according to a new survey. The Eurobarometer survey, carried out in March, was commissioned by the European Parliament to get an idea of what people want. Check out our infographic to see in which areas people expect more from the European Union and read on for an overview of the survey's main findings. (Read more: Great expectations: Europeans reveal what they want the EU to do more on )


A fresh perspective: House of European History opens on 6 May

Others Institutions05-05-2017 - 10:40

The House of European History is a new Brussels-based museum offering a fresh and though-provoking way of seeing and understanding Europe's history and the development of European integration. Situated just a few minutes' walk from the Parliament, it will be open seven days a week from 6 May free of charge.. (Read more: A fresh perspective: House of European History opens on 6 May )

Opening of the House European History  on 4th May  

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani officially opened the House of European History (HEH) on Thursday in a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony held in the presence of former EP president Dr Hans-Gert Pöttering (chair of the Board of Trustees) and Professor Wlodzimierz Borodziej (chair of the HEH Academic Committee). The museum will be open to the public as of this Saturday 6 May. (Read more: European Parliament opens the House of European History on 6 May 2017 )