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Press releases

EP this week  

MEPs vote this week on the €315 billion investment plan to boost the EU economy and new rules to ensure safety equipment works as advertised. A new working group on robotics meets for the first time, while MEPs also discuss a proposal to urge the Swiss Government to respect its agreements on migration with the EU. In addition the Parliament’s political groups will be preparing for next week’s plenary session. (Read more: EP this week: €315 billion investment plan, robots and consumer safety )


Terrorism: tackling the threats to the EU's security

Others Justice and home affairs17-04-2015 - 09:30

Terrorism continues to pose a threat to Europe's security, but what is the best way to tackle it? The Parliament's civil liberties committee held a hearing on 14 April to discuss with experts the evolving terrorist threats, the fight against extremism and radicalisation and what the EU could do to help. (Read more: Terrorism: tackling the threats to the EU's security )


Live: MEPs debate how to fight human trafficking

Others Human rights16-04-2015 - 09:00
MEPs debate fight against human trafficking in EU´s external relations  

More than twenty million women, children and men are estimated to be victims of human trafficking worldwide. The Parliament's human rights subcommittee holds a hearing on Thursday 16 April to discuss what the EU can do to tackle the issue when dealing with other countries. They will be joined by representatives from NGOs and international organisations. Follow it live on our website from 9.00 CET. (Read more: Live: MEPs debate how to fight human trafficking )


King Felipe VI of Spain visits Parliament

Others Institutions15-04-2015 - 11:55
King Felipe VI of Spain shaking hands with the European Parliament President Martin Schulz on Wednesday 15 April  

King Felipe VI of Spain visited the European Parliament on Wednesday 15 April during a tour of the European institutions in Brussels. He had a meeting with EP President Martin Schulz as well as one with the political group leaders to discuss various political issues. The King also took the opportunity to meet with Spanish MEPs. (Read more: King Felipe VI of Spain visits Parliament )

Happy children and healthy food ©BELGA_AGEFOTOSTOCK_D.Cervo  

Children are eating fewer and fewer fruit, vegetables and dairy products in Europe, but a new proposal could help them to adopt a healthier diet. Under the plan two existing EU schemes for handing out fresh milk, fruit and vegetables to pupils would be combined, reducing the administrative burden and creating more opportunities for teaching children about balanced diets. The Parliament's agriculture committee votes on it on 14 April, followed by all MEPs during a plenary session. (Read more: Five a day: how the EU will help children to learn about healthy eating )


EU-US trade deal: 14 EP committees have their say

Others External/international trade14-04-2015 - 12:24
Flags of The United States and EU on banknotes  

The European Parliament is working on its position on the EU-US trade deal known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The international trade committee is responsible for drafting the Parliament's recommendations; however 13 other EP committees have contributed with their opinions. MEPs are due to debate and vote on the EP's position before summer. (Read more: EU-US trade deal: 14 EP committees have their say )

EP this week  

Committees will this week discuss and vote on free-trade talks with the US, biofuels, cross border payment claims, conflict minerals and healthcare. During the plenary session on Wednesday, MEPs will discuss among others the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide and the reallocation of money left over from last year's EU budget. Meanwhile EP President Martin Schulz will pay a visit to Hungary and welcome King Felipe VI of Spain when he visits the Parliament on Wednesday. (Read more: EP this week: TTIP, biofuels, conflict minerals, health care, plenary )

Who is who?  

Being an MEP involves more than just debating and voting on legislative proposals. They can also be tasked with drawing up a report to represent the Parliament's position on a legislative proposal or any other matter. They can also be asked to act as group coordinators, follow the progress of a legislative report or be in charge of preparing an opinion on a proposal. Read on to find out more about the different responsibilities MEPs are able to take on in the European Parliament. (Read more: From rapporteur to coordinator: the different roles taken on by MEPs )

An infant is given polio vaccine, at a camp in Keraniganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh ©BELGA/AGEFOTOSTOCK/M.Alam  

World Health Day is marked every year on 7 April, the ideal opportunity to highlight what still needs to be improved. "Basic healthcare services need to be accessible to all, regardless of income," said UK S&D member Linda McAvan, chair of the Parliament's development committee. Over the years the Parliament has tried to help strengthen healthcare systems in different parts of the world. (Read more: World Health Day: "Basic healthcare services need to be accessible to all" )


The secrets behind Parliament's colourful calendar

Others Institutions07-04-2015 - 15:06
European Parliament calendar 2015  

Four different colours are used for the European Parliament’s calendar to help distinguish what's taking place when. So what does it mean when a week is marked red, pink, blue or turquoise? Check out our guide through the Parliament’s calendar. (Read more: The secrets behind Parliament's colourful calendar )