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Agriculture and fisheries


Q&A: GMO cultivation in the EU

Others Agriculture / Environment / Food safety02-09-2014 - 12:19
Corn in a field. ©BELGA_ AFP_P.HUGUEN  

The EU has one of the toughest genetically modified food regulations in the world and the cultivation of GM crops is only allowed following a thorough risk assessment. Yet, as member states are calling for more possibilities to restrict GMO cultivation on their territories, the European Commission has proposed some amendments to the current EU rules. The Parliament and the Council are currently looking at these proposals. Read on to learn more. (Read more: Q&A: GMO cultivation in the EU )


No to GMO: "We are clearly lacking evidence on the safety of this new strain"

Plenary Session Agriculture / Environment / Food safety16-01-2014 - 12:09
Interview with Dagmar Roth-Behrendt  

MEPs called on the Commission not to allow the genetically modified maize crop Pioneer 1507 on the EU market. This insect-resistant crop could be dangerous to harmless butterflies and moths, said a resolution approved on Thursday. We spoke to Dagmar Roth-Behrendt, a German member of the S&D group, who opposed approval along with other members of the environment committee. “Based on this proposal, we are clearly lacking evidence on the safety of this new GMO strain to have it on the EU markets." (Read more: No to GMO: "We are clearly lacking evidence on the safety of this new strain" )


Common Fisheries Policy reform

Fisheries09-12-2013 - 17:34

Despite several improvements after the 2002 overhaul of the common fisheries policy (CFP), there was a general consensus that the CFP urgently needed further reform, because it had failed to make fishing sustainable, as EU member states’ fleets still catch far more than marine ecosystems can replace. (Read more: Common Fisheries Policy reform )

ITW with Ulrike Rodust  

We may love eating fish, but will there still be enough left in the sea for our children? The Parliament is about to debate and vote on the EU's new common fisheries policy. The reform includes a ban on discarding unwanted fish and measures requiring member states to set fishing quotas based on sustainability. We talked to German Social Democrat Ulrike Rodust, in charge of steering the plans through EP, ahead of Parliament's final vote on the reform on Tuesday 10 December. (Read more: Fishing reform: "Our children will be able to eat fish with a clear conscience" )

Sunflowers bloom on a field  

Affordable food prices, revitalised rural areas, environment-friendly farming and a fair distribution of funds – these are the goals of the revised common agricultural policy. The reform package was approved by MEPs on 20 November. Read our top story to find out what the reform is all about and how it was achieved. (Read more: New agricultural policy: greener approach and better distribution of funds )

A farmer harvests a wheat field with a combine harvester on August 10, 2013 in Lignieres-la-Carelle, France. ©BELGA/AFP/J.F.MONIER  

The EU's common agricultural policy (CAP) is one step closer to being reformed after the EP's agriculture committee endorsed new legislation on it on 30 September. This comes a week after Parliament reached an informal agreement with the Council and the European Commission. The proposal will still need to receive the backing from MEPs during a plenary vote before it can enter into force. This will probably take place during the second October plenary session or during the November one. (Read more: Agriculture committee backs deal on the reform of the EU's farming policy )


A long-term budget that meets the EU's needs

Others Agriculture / Budget25-07-2013 - 11:24

The EU's long-term budget sets out how much will be spent on which policies, from farming to research, support for poorer regions and relations with countries outside the EU. A proposal for the 2014-2020 budget was approved by the Parliament on 19 November 2013. Read on for an overview of the budget negotiations between the Parliament and the member states as well as a lot more on the budget itself. (Read more: A long-term budget that meets the EU's needs )


Reform of the EU's agricultural policy

Others Agriculture01-07-2013 - 09:51
CAP in figures - click the image to enlarge  

Agricultural spending accounts for about 40% of the European Union's annual budget and has been at the heart of EU policy since the very start of the European project. As the last revision of the agricultural policy dates from 2003 and 13 countries have joined the EU since then, it is clear that it must be updated in order to face new challenges. EP, Commission and governments have now reached a tentative political agreement on how the reform package should look. Read on to find out more. (Read more: Reform of the EU's agricultural policy )


EU farm policy reform as approved by Parliament

Agriculture28-06-2013 - 16:20

Following the political agreement on EU farm policy reform struck by Parliament, the Council and the Commission in two steps - in June and September 2013, MEPs approved the final form of the post-2013 common agricultural policy (CAP) on Wednesday. Most of the new rules will enter into force on 1 January 2014. (Read more: EU farm policy reform as approved by Parliament )

Agricultural Committee Board on CAP Reform  

Measures to boost green farming and offer additional support to young farmers are part of a provisional agreement between Parliament, Council and the Commission to reform the EU's agriculture policy after 2014. The deal would also boost farmers organisations' bargaining position when negotiating prices and cut red tape for spending EU funds. (Read more: EU institutions strike a deal on the reform of Europe's farming policy )

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