How much should a unitary patent cost? 


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Today a European patent issued by EPO providing protection in the 27 EU Member States can cost up to €36,000, including up to €23,000 in translation fees alone. According to the European Commission, the new unitary patent will cost a minimum of €4,725, when the new rules are fully implemented, up to a maximum of €6,425. The costs for translation will range from €680 to €2,380.

How Parliament helped to reduce costs

Parliament amended the proposal to include a compensation scheme for translation costs so that translation costs can be reimbursed to SMEs, non-profit organisations and universities which file a patent application in a language other than the three official ones.

Renewal fees and SMEs

Renewal fees account for a large share of total costs, and the economic sustainability of the system as a whole depends upon them. Parliament ensured that renewal fees will be set at a level that takes account of the special needs of small firms, so that they too benefit from reduced costs.