Who will get direct payments, and who will not? 


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At Parliament's insistence, member states will have to apply a "negative list" of entities, such as transport and real estate companies, airports, permanent sports clubs, campsite operators, mining companies or other non-agricultural enterprises, to be decided by member states, which would automatically be excluded from the definition of "active farmer", i.e. the entity entitled to receive EU-funded direct payments, unless they can prove that their agricultural activities form a significant part of their overall economic activities.

It should be up to member states to extend the negative list, on objective and non-discriminatory grounds and after notifying the Commission, the three institutions agreed. This greatly simplifies the Commission's original proposal, which defined "non-farmers" as those whose income from direct payments amounts to less than 5% of their total receipts from non-agricultural activities (excluding those who get less than €5,000 in direct payment income).