Parliament passed three separate resolutions on Thursday, calling for measures leading to the abolition of the death penalty in India and to human rights reforms in Rwanda, and expressing concerns about the situation of hunger striking prisoners in Guantanamo.

Capital punishment in India

The resolution condemns the execution in secret of Afyal Guru at New Delhi´s Tihar Jail in early February 2013, in opposition to the worldwide trend towards the abolition of capital punishment. MEPs call on the Indian government not to approve any execution order in the future and to introduce a permanent moratorium on executions, with the aim of abolishing the death penalty in the near future.

Human rights in Rwanda

MEPs stress that the criminal trial of Victoire Ingabire is an important test of the Rwandan judiciary's capacity to deal with high-profile political cases in a fair and independent manner and express concerns that the trial did not meet international standards.

The Rwandan judicial authorities must investigate allegations of torture and other abuses of human rights effectively and bring those guilty to justice, MEPs insist. The Rwandan authorities must ensure the separation of powers, and in particular the independence of the judiciary, guarantee freedom of expression and review the law on "genocide ideology" in order to meet Rwanda´s obligations under international law, say MEPs.

The resolution recalls that the EU has formally raised its concerns about respect for human rights and the right to a free trial in Rwanda, under Article 8 of the Cotonou Agreement. MEPs call on the EU, in collaboration with other international donors, to exert continued pressure to encourage human rights reform in Rwanda.

Hunger-striking prisoners in Guantanamo

Parliament passed a resolution on the situation of the hunger-striking prisoners in Guantánamo. The resolution calls on US authorities to treat detainees with respect for their inherent dignity and to uphold their human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The US authorities should review the military commission system to ensure fair trials, close Guatánamo and prohibit in any circumstances the use of torture, ill-treatment and indefinite detention without trial, MEPs say.