MEPs will take their final votes in committee by roll call, a system that records the names of the MEPs who voted and how they voted, following a change to Parliament's internal rules adopted by the House on Wednesday.

MEPs amended Parliament's rules of procedure to require the roll-call vote system to be used in future for all final votes in committee on resolutions and on legislation. This system records the name of each MEP who votes and whether he or she voted for or against, or abstained. The House also made made roll-call voting compulsory for non-binding resolutions in plenary. Roll-call votes are currently obligatory for legislation and optional for resolutions.

The changes, adopted by 617 votes in favour, with 23 against and 12 abstentions, will enter into force on the first day of the next plenary session (10 March).

Procedure: amendment to rule 166 and rule 195(3) of EP's rules of procedure