The violent clashes in Ukraine began after its former President decided not to sign an Association Agreement with the EU.©BELGA/AFP/L.Gouliamaki 

Rapid short-term financial help, an international donors' conference, visa liberalization and reassurance on EU integration prospects were some of the demands made by MEPs in a debate with the Commission on Wednesday afternoon. They discussed how to help Ukraine achieve political and economic stability, assist it in its political transition and eradicate corruption.

Most speakers began by paying tribute to the courage of the Ukrainian people, 88 of whom died during violent clashes that led to the fall of the regime last weekend. The EU must now spearhead an international donor's conference, together with the United States, to respond to Ukraine's urgent call for help to prevent bankruptcy.

The EU association agreement must be secured and EU membership must be possible at "the end of the road", said MEPs. They called on the EU to support the organization of presidential elections on 25 May and to help reform the heavily corrupted public administration.

MEPs also warned Russia to refrain from threatening the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Parliament will vote on Thursday on a resolution calling on the Council, Commission and member states to act urgently in support of Ukraine and suggesting specific measures.

You can re-watch the plenary debate via EP Live, and EbS+ (links to the right).