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"Ideas for a better Europe" will be pooled by around five thousand young Europeans at a three-day European Youth Event (EYE) at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, on 9-11 May. Over 200 debates and workshops will enable 16-30 year-olds to air policy issues close to their hearts. Over half of Europe’s young people feel excluded from its economic and social life, says a recent Eurobarometer poll.

The EYE agenda lists five key issues for young people today: youth unemployment, the digital revolution, the future of the European Union, sustainable development, and European values. Guest speakers will include MEPs, journalists, business leaders, decision makers, and European youth organisations.

Over half of Europe’s young people (57%) feel that the crisis has left them marginalised and excluded from economic and social life, says a 28 April Eurobarometer poll on these five issues, commissioned by the European Parliament ahead of the May European elections.

An overwhelming majority of respondents (70%) also agreed that their country’s membership in the EU is vital in the context of globalisation.

While most young people (82%) believe that the digital sector will create many jobs in the future, they are split on whether digital social networks, as such, help democracy -- 46% believe that these networks will bring progress, but 41% think that they present risks.

Young people felt that renewable energies top the list of ways to make the EU less dependent on outside energy suppliers (71%); and that true gender equality will be achieved during the lives of their generation (57%).

Young journalists from across Europe will summarise the ideas and suggestions from the EYE events in a report to be presented to newly-elected MEPs in July.

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