MEPs voting during a committee meeting 

The numbers of MEPs to sit in Parliament’s twenty committees and two sub-committees for the new legislative term, reflecting the political balance of the House, were approved in a vote on Wednesday. The committee’s membership lists were approved on Thursday.

Numbers of members per committee and sub-committee as voted by MEPs:

Committee on Foreign Affairs: 71,

Committee on Development: 28,

Committee on International Trade: 41,

Committee on Budgets: 41,

Committee on Budgetary Control: 30,

Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs: 61,

Committee on Employment and Social Affairs: 55,

Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety: 69,

Committee on Industry, Research and Energy: 67,

Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection: 40,

Committee on Transport and Tourism: 49,

Committee on Regional Development: 43,

Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development: 45,

Committee on Fisheries: 25,

Committee on Culture and Education: 31,

Committee on Legal Affairs: 25,

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs: 60,

Committee on Constitutional Affairs: 25,

Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality: 35,

Committee on Petitions: 35,

Sub-committee on Human Rights: 30, and

Sub-committee on Security and Defence: 30.

Rules on the composition of committees

According to Parliament's Rules of procedure, the composition of its committees should as far as possible reflect the composition of Parliament as a whole. The proportional distribution of committee seats among political groups must not depart from the nearest appropriate whole number.


Membership in committees approved on Thursday

On Thursday, the House decided on the composition of committees. The list of full members of each committee is available at the link on the right.

The political groups have yet to communicate the lists of their substitute members in the committees.



Procedure: Numerical strength of committees