The European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee Chair, Claude Moraes (S&D, UK), presented on 21 January the committee's counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation roadmap, in terms of upcoming meetings and activities.

At the start of the Civil Liberties Committee meeting on 21 January, Claude Moraes set out how a first counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation roadmap could look like:

- 21 January: Ministers Kozlovskis and Rasnačs (Latvian Presidency) as well as Commissioners Jourová and Timmermans speak before the Civil Liberties Committee. The College of Commissioners also meets to discuss anti-terrorism measures;

- Next 27 January: The Chair has invited Commissioner Avramopoulos, the EU Anti-Terrorism Coordinator and representatives of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) to brief the committee on deradicalisation;

- 28 January: Plenary discussion on counter-terrorism;

- 29 January: Informal JHA Council in Riga will discuss anti-terrorism (which the Chair will attend, as well as two rapporteurs from the committee);

- early February: the French Interior Minister Cazeneuve may meet the Civil Liberties Committee Coordinators;

- February: Eurojust may present in the Civil Liberties Committee a report on criminal justice response on counter-terrorism/foreign fighters;

- 12 February: European Council devoted to counter-terrorism (President Schulz to attend);

- 18 February: International Summit on countering violent extremism hosted by President Obama;

- February-May: Civil Liberties Committee to draft a strategic own-initiative report on radicalisation and foreign fighters and another one on prisons;

- March: Civil Liberties Committee to hold a hearing on the fight against terrorism;

- 12-13 March: JHA Council;

- June: joint hearing by the Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE) and the Security and Defence Subcommittee (SEDE) on Solidarity Clause (Art 222 TFEU, which includes obligations on the Union to prevent terrorist threat and on the European Council to regularly assess threats facing the Union).

As to PNR: on 4 February the rapporteur and the shadows will hold a meeting with national experts on the issue. After that the rapporteur will come back with a possible timeline.