A majority of European citizens cheered the role that the European Parliament played in the election of the new Commission President, says the 2014 Parlameter survey, published on Friday. More Europeans now feel that their voice counts in EU-level decision making. Over half the respondents said that EU membership is a good thing.

The survey, following May’s EU elections and the subsequent inauguration of the European Commission headed by Jean-Claude Juncker, found a heightened awareness among citizens both of EU affairs and the European Parliament. Knowledge of the European Parliament nonetheless remains weak.

Key findings (changes compared to June 2013)

  • 58% of respondents had heard about Parliament recently (+11 points), whereas 40% (-10 points) had not.
  • Images of Parliament were 30% positive (stable), 43% neutral (+1 point) and 23% negative (-2 points).
  • 67% did not feel well informed about Parliament’s work (+1 point compared to Nov 2011).
  • 63% agreed that taking the EU election results into account when electing the Commission President constitutes democratic progress, whereas 18% disagreed and 19% did not know.
  • 41% felt that their voice counts in the EU (+2 points).
  • Preferred policy priorities for the EU were tackling poverty and social exclusion 54% (+3 points.), economic, budgetary and taxation policy coordination 31% (+1 point), consumer and health protection 30% (-3 points), and combatting terrorism and respecting individual freedom 29% (+4 points).
  • 54% (+4 points) thought that EU membership is a good thing, 14% (-3%) considered it bad, while 29% (-2 points.) did not state an opinion.


The European Parliament Eurobarometer - 2014 Parlameter survey was commissioned by Parliament. Questions were put to 27,801 citizens between 29 November and 9 December 2014 on their perceptions and knowledge of the institution and the European Union as a whole, as well as individual policy areas. This annual survey provides results at both EU and individual member state levels. For the full 2014 results and the previous outcomes, see Parlameter page.