After a year of provisional implementation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement, much more needs to be done to solve problems in Moldova banking and financial sector, fight corruption and reform the judiciary, say MEPs and Moldova MPs in a joint statement adopted on Tuesday, in the first meeting of EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee. They also urge Belgium, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands to complete the ratification process of the EU-Moldova association deal “without delay”.

"We will stand side by side to our Moldova's counterparts to accompany them in the reform process. We will also closely look at the assistance provided both by the European Union and by individual Member States to ensure its coherence and maximise its effectiveness. In this respect, I congratulate the recent decision by the government of Romania to grant €150 million of assistance to the Republic of Moldova," said Co-Chair MEP Andi CRISTEA (S&D, RO), after the conclusion of the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee meeting on 22 September.

"I was satisfied to find out that substituting the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Cooperation Committee with the Parliamentary Association Committee was not a mere formality derived from the Association Agreement, but a step forward to getting closer to the EU," added Co-Chair Vladimir FILAT from the Moldova Parliament. "We are grateful for the support granted to our country in a time when both the EU and the Eastern partners are facing a number of unprecedented challenges."

Reform priorities

In the adopted joint statement (full text in attachment) MEPs and Moldovan MPs underline the need to solve problems in Moldova’s financial and banking sector, advance the fight against corruption, push the reform of judiciary and provide more transparency in governance. MEPs invite the new government to “tackle these problems as an absolute priority”.

They call to intensify their efforts to find an effective solution for the settlement of the Transnistria issue in the framework of the 5+2 talks.

Ratification of the Association Agreement

MEPs and Moldova MPs call upon Belgium, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands to complete this process without delay;

Role of Parliaments

MEPs and MPs state their intention to actively contribute to the implementation of the Association Agreement, via monitoring, contacts, and by overseeing the EU assistance granted to Moldova. They also commit to raise awareness and visibility of the merits of the Association Agreement, including by means of regular contacts with civil society.

EU perspective

MEPs and Moldova MPs say that the signature and ratification of the Association Agreement was not the final goal in EU-Republic of Moldova relations and remind that pursuant to Article 49 TEU, Moldova may apply to become a member of the European Union provided it adheres to the principles of democracy, respects fundamental freedoms and minority rights, and ensures the rule of law.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee is foreseen to take place in spring 2016 in Moldova.