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The work of Parliament’s Special Committee on Tax Rulings will be continued under a new mandate for six months, starting on 2 December. This was decided unanimously at Wednesday’s Conference of Presidents and endorsed by Parliament as a whole, by 561 votes to 69 with 5 abstentions. The committee's work will focus on harmful corporate tax regimes and practices at European and international level.

The structure of the Special Committee on Tax Rulings II will be the same as that of its predecessor. The new committee will build on the work done previously, in particular to tackle unresolved issues highlighted in Parliament's resolution of 25 November.

Among other tasks the Special Committee will look into the work of the Commission in the areas of state aid and taxation, examine member states' compliance with tax legislation, as well as look into companies' aggressive tax planning.

The new committee will also look closely at how EU member states and institutions follow up the first committee’s recommendations. It will also follow up on on-going work by international institutions including the OECD and G20.

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45  ; MEPs constitute the TAXE special committee