To mark the Music Freedom Day celebrated today 3 March 2016, Elena Valenciano, Chair of the Human Rights subcommittee, and Silvia Costa, Chair of the Culture and Education committee have made the following statement:

"Today is a particularly special day. It does not appear officially on EU or UN calendars, but different civil society organisations celebrate today as the Music Freedom Day.


In many countries, concerts and festivals are organised today to support composers and musicians who are persecuted, prosecuted or imprisoned for the only crime to have used their right to express themselves through their music. Music can be a very powerful tool.


This year, the Music Freedom Day is dedicated to the victims of the attack to the Bataclan Club in Paris in November 2015.


We, as Chairs of the Culture committee and of the Human Rights subcommittee, would like to express our support to all of those who through artistic expression - and music is one of its most universal and cross border art - struggle to build up a more free and fairer world. That's also why at EU level we want to promote artists and composers mobility."