Montenegro is making a good progress in EU accession negotiations with 24 chapters opened so far, said Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs in Thursday’s debate with the Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanović.

In his opening remarks Foreign Affairs Committee chair Elmar Brok (EPP, DE) welcomed the good progress made by Montenegro in EU accession negotiations, noting that it is “the most advanced country, when it comes to the process of negotiations”.


Mr. Đukanović reassured MEPs of Montenegro continued commitment to Euro-Atlantic integration, hoping this path will be sustained after the general elections to be held on 16 October. New efforts in fighting corruption and ensuring rule of law were amongst the examples highlighted by the Prime Minister, who also stressed that Montenegro is ready to start the negotiations on new chapters, on top of the 24 opened so far.

Foreign Affairs MEPs shared their support for Montenegro reform and EU accession path. Some of them welcomed its full alignment with EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Asked about Montenegro relations with Russia, Mr. Đukanović acknowledged that Russia “does not like” Montenegro joining NATO. However, this will not change “our aim to fully integrate into Euro-Atlantic civilization”, he said.

Mr. Đukanović decision to form an inclusive government before the October election, with several ministries given to opposition, was also welcomed by foreign affairs MEPs.