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MEPs share first views on proposals to boost fairness and sustainability in road transport presented by Commissioners Šefčovič and Bulc.

Many MEPs welcomed the proposals, but stressed it is vital to ensure good working conditions for drivers as well as to avoid fragmentation of the internal market. Some MEPs expressed concern about the delay in publishing the proposals and the need to complete the work during the current legislative term to ensure benefits for the sector.

They welcomed the push to eliminate letterbox companies and many MEPs welcomed the clarification on how to apply posting of workers’ rules to road transport.  Others expressed concern that the proposed changes in cabotage rules (for non-resident hauliers) would worsen the conditions for workers.

On efforts to reduce emissions and improve sustainability, some MEPs welcomed proposed changes for road charging, while others urged caution to avoid overburdening SMEs and citizens. On reports about U.S. and the Paris Agreement, several MEPs stressed that the EU needs to continue its efforts to fight climate change.

Video recording of the full debate is available here.

Next steps

Legislative proposals will now be discussed by Council and EP. Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc will discuss the proposals with MEPs in the Transport and Tourism Committee on 19 June.