A European ceremony in honour of former Chancellor of Germany Dr. Helmut Kohl will take place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Saturday 1 July from 11:00 - 13:00.

A European ceremony in honour of former Chancellor of Germany Dr. Helmut Kohl will take place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Saturday 1 July from 11:00-13:00.


Speakers at the ceremony currently include European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, European Council President Donald Tusk, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González and former President of the United States Bill Clinton. The casket holding the remains of Dr Kohl will lie in state covered by a European flag.


At the end of the ceremony, the casket will be taken to Germany, where the former Chancellor will be buried after a requiem mass in Speyer cathedral.


The entire ceremony in Strasbourg, including the arrival of the invited guests , will be webcasb and broadcast live on EbS+ and Eurovision network from around 9:30-13:30 (times to be confirmed).

  • Preregistration required for journalists with EU/EP accreditation
    • Must bring ID and press card
  • Accreditation required for other journalists
    • Must bring ID and press card or letter from editor
  • Recording permits required for AV journalists
  • Deadline for registration or accreditation: Thursday 29 June at 18:00.
  • To access outer security perimeter bring ID, press card, accreditation request
  • Accreditation badges and recording permits can be collected in Strasbourg from Friday morning 30 June until Saturday 1 July at 9:30 at the latest
  • Upon request, badges can also be collected in Brussels on Friday 30 June rather than in Strasbourg
  • Press rooms available in Louise Weiss building
  • AV working space available in Winston Churchill building
  • No access to hemicycle and the surrounding zone

A more detailed programme will be available next week.


There will be no media access to the zone directly surrounding the chamber, where the ceremony will take place. In the press gallery, a limited number of places will be available.


Access to the European Parliament on 1 July is only possible upon pre-registration/ pre-accreditation. Pre-registration and accreditation requests must be submitted by Thursday 29th June 18:00


Please register by mail to media.specialevent@ep.europa.eu with the following information:


Journalists with an existing accreditation (EU interinstitutional or annual EP accreditation):


  • Family name
  • First name
  • Media


Provided you have pre-registered, your existing EU/EP institution accreditation (EU/EP badge) will be sufficient to enter the EP in Strasbourg on 1 July. Please also bring your ID with you.


All other journalists:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Name of media
  • Type of media
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • ID Nr
  • ID Type
  • Press card or letter from your editor (stating that you will cover the event). Please ensure that you have these documents with you on 1 July.


Your application should clearly state if you wish to collect your accreditation badge in Strasbourg or in Brussels. All badges must be collected at the latest by 9h30 on Saturday 1 July. See below for more information on collection of badges and access to the EP.


Information submitted for accreditation may be used by the General Secretariat of the European Parliament and sent to one or more National Security Authorities for security verification purposes. Submitting an accreditation request implies acceptance of these conditions.


No registration/accreditation will be possible on the morning of the ceremony


Audiovisual media


AV Media will as always require recording permits


Call for Interest


  • Audiovisual journalists will be able to use a number of different working areas :

A. Stand up positions outside the Winston Churchill building (WIC)

B. The protocol entrance

C. Press gallery in the chamber

D. Parking for SNG trucks


Please let us know what you need before 28 June at 17.00 to allow us to best facilitate your work. (email avplanning@ep.europa.eu)

  • The usual facilities (tv studio, ENG team,...) will not be available on 1 July


  • However, the radio studios in the Louise Weiss (LOW) building will be available. Reservations can be made at +32 2 28 32200 or radiobookings@ep.europa.eu

Press room


The usual press room is temporarily undergoing renovation. A number of other rooms in the Louise Weiss building are made available for journalists to work in and to follow the proceedings:

LOW N 1.1, N1.2, N1.3 and N1.4


Please note that only LOW N1.2 will offer the full facilities of a press room. The other rooms will be set-up to make it possible to follow the ceremony. In all these rooms interpretation into a number of languages will be available.


Wi-Fi will be available in all parts of the building. The login and password will be communicated on the day itself.


The entire ceremony will be transmitted live on EBS+ (Europe by Satellite) and webstreamed.



Collection of badges and access to the premises:




Friday 30 June: 08:30-17:45 (no access to the building, only badge pick-up)

External company desk at the Geremek Agora


Saturday 1 July: 7:00-9:30

Mobile offices on the outer courtyard (“Le Parvis”) in front of the Louise Weiss (LOW) building.


Brussels (please indicate with your registration if you want to pick up your badge in Brussels):


Friday 30th June: 08:30 -18:00

Paul-Henri Spaak (PHS), media accreditation office PHS-1 029


A security perimeter will surround the EP building on 01.07. Access will be possible only with ID card, press card or accreditation request.


You will be informed in due course of any further information regarding the collection of badges, the access to the EP building and other practical information, as well as the programme.