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Budgetary control MEPs endorsed Court of Auditors (CoA) Members for Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain and Portugal on Thursday.

Ms. Iliana Ivanova (BG) holds a Master’s degree in both international economic relations and global management. A former MEP, she became member of CoA in early 2013 and is now nominated for a second term. She was endorsed with 23 votes and 1 abstention.

The Danish nominee Bettina Jakobsen initially became a Member of CoA in 2015, replacing the late Henrik Otbo for the remainder of the six-year term. Holding a Master’s degree in Public Governance and having an extensive experience in the field of audit, she is now seeking an extension of the mandate. She was endorsed with 22 votes and 1 abstention.

Mr. Baudilio Tomé Muguruza (ES) holds both a degree in economics and business and a Master’s degree in law. Having served as a Member of Parliament in Spain, he became a Member of CoA in 2012 and now seeks the extension of his mandate. He was endorsed with 18 votes to 1, with 4 abstentions.

Mr. João Figueiredo (PT), who holds a degree in law, has been a Member of CoA since 2016, replacing Vítor Caldeira for the rest of his term. Mr. Figueiredo, previously a Judge-Counsellor at the Portuguese Supreme Audit Institution, is now running for his first full term at CoA. He was endorsed with 22 votes to 1, with 1 abstention.

All candidates still face a vote by the full house.

Quick facts

The Court of Auditors has 28 members, one from each Member State. They are appointed for a renewable term of six years. The Council, after consulting the European Parliament, decides on the candidate presented by each country.

To prepare for a hearing in Parliament, a candidate is asked to answer a questionnaire prepared by the Budgetary Control Committee. At the hearing, candidates may make a five-minute opening statement, followed by a question and answer session with committee members.

The committee votes on the candidate in a secret ballot. If approved in committee, the nomination is then put to a vote by Parliament as a whole.

If the opinion, adopted by Parliament, on an individual nomination, is unfavourable, the President asks the Council to withdraw its nomination and to submit a new nomination to Parliament.