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MEPs will discuss with experts ways to minimise negative impact of Brexit on EU farmers. 

Effects of Brexit on EU’s farming policy and its agri-food sector and ways to help EU farmers deal with related market shocks will be debated Thursday morning in the Agriculture Committee.

The workshop will kick off by presentation of three studies on impacts of the UK’s departure from the EU. They focus on:


MEPs will then debate with authors of these studies how the trade with the UK in agricultural products and foodstuffs could look like after its departure from the EU and ways to fill the Common Agricultural Policy’s funding gap.


They will also discuss options for transitional arrangements to avoid cliff-edge in trade and tools the EU could use to help its farmers deal with potential post-Brexit market shocks.


WHEN: 9 November from around 9:45

WHERE: József Antall (JAN) building, room 4Q1


  • Ms Eulalia Rubio and Mr Jorg Haas from the Jacques Delors Institute,
  • Ms Cecilia Bellora and Mr Jean Fouré from the Centre for International Research and Economic Modelling (CIREM) and
  • Mr Alan Matthews from the Trinity College.


You can follow the debate via EP Live.