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A high-level conference on “Shaping our digital future: the challenge of the digital revolution” will be held in the European Parliament, in Brussels, on 25 April from 14.30 to 19.00.

Lawmakers will discuss with experts, political leaders, representatives from industry, tech giants, including Google and Facebook, and other stakeholders the challenges and opportunities for Europeans in a digital society and how to mobilise investments, foster innovation and ensure an online platform economy that benefits business and consumers.


Ahead of the conference, organised in close cooperation with the European Commission, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani said: “The Digital Single Market creates real opportunities, but it comes with real risks. The EU should lead the way in shaping a level playing field for the benefit of our citizens. Opportunity comes with responsibility and fair rules must be established. The digital world cannot be a lawless jungle, freedom and responsibility must be the law of the land”.


After the opening session, hosted by EP President Antonio Tajani and the European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, the conference will be structured around four themes:


  • Investing to unlock digitalisation, boost competitiveness and avoiding a digital divide: How to target and mobilise investments in connectivity and the data economy infrastructure (5G, High-Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence) to unlock cutting-edge digital innovations across sectors in the EU?


  • Innovation, research and the use of data in the digital age: How best to capitalise on the EU's research and scientific excellence to generate digital innovations and facilitate the digitisation of the European industry? How do we foster innovation based on better access, use and re-use of data?


  • Opportunities and risks, including trust, security and privacy, in a digital society: What are the advantages, challenges and opportunities for the users of digital services in the advent of new digital realities? How to best maintain trust online and guarantee security and respect for privacy for European citizens and consumers?


  • How to ensure an online platform economy that benefits businesses and consumers, supported by fair taxation: How can businesses maximise the benefits of the Digital Single Market and operate cross-border in a fair business environment? How do we ensure an online platform economy that benefits businesses and consumers, supported by fair taxation?


The high-level conference takes place in Parliament’s Hemicycle (opening session, panels 1 and 2 and concluding remarks), and in room PHS 3C050 (panels 3 and 4), in Brussels, from 14.30 to 19.00.


Detailed programme of the event is available here.


You can follow it live here.


Twitter: #DigitalEU


Press conference at 15.30


EP President Antonio Tajani and Commissioner Mariya Gabriel will give a joint press conference at 15.30, in the EP press conference room (Anna Politkovskaya room, PHS 0A50).


Practical information for journalists


Journalists that already hold permanent media accreditation with the European Parliament will be able to access the event. For those not holding permanent media accreditation, requests to attend the conference can be sent to Video and photo journalists should get special accreditation (“T-badge”) to be allowed to use their cameras during the conference. Seats will be reserved for the press.


Other participants can register online here until the evening of 22 April.