With a view to the new Qatari legislation, the Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights, Mr Pier Antonio Panzeri, made the following statement:

“On 4 September 2018, Qatar adopted new legislation which enables most migrant workers to leave Qatar without an exit permit. This important step towards full suppression of exit permits will considerably improve freedom of movement of migrant workers and will hopefully be followed by other reforms to protect migrant workers from exploitation, in accordance with the agreement concluded between Qatar and the International Labour Organisation.

Moreover, Qatar passed the region’s first Asylum Law, offering real security for political exiles.

These reforms are a clear improvement of the situation in Qatar, and might well serve as an example for other governments in the region to improve the human rights situation in their countries.

Earlier this year the Subcommittee on Human Rights started a dialogue with the Qatari National Human Rights Committee and I am looking forward to continuing this exchange in order to encourage further reforms of the human rights situation in Qatar.”


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