What’s on the agenda of Parliament’s constituent sitting of the 9th term (from 2 to 4 July 2019)? 


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Voters in the EU will elect new Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) during the European elections of 23 to 26 May. The newly elected MEPs, representing EU citizens until 2024, will meet in Parliament’s constituent sitting in plenary from 2 to 4 July. They will then elect their President, 14 Vice-Presidents and five Quaestors. They will also decide on the numerical composition of Parliament’s standing and subcommittees - thus launching the new (9th) legislative term. In the following weeks, the committees will hold their first meetings to elect their respective Chairs and Vice-Chairs.

  • Electing Parliament’s new President
  • Electing Parliament’s Vice-Presidents and Quaestors
  • Forming Parliament’s committees